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Repair Tracking
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Timely, Proactive Customer Service and Claims Management.

AudaWatch™ is a web-based technology solution. It captures vehicle status in various stages of repair, including tear down, repair, painting, detailing, and final delivery. The solution provides timely, proactive communication on each stage, making it available to insurance companies, collision repair facilities and vehicle owners.  Shops receive fewer incoming calls, improve repair cycle time and increase customer satisfaction. Key features and benefits include:

Detailed Repair Stage Tracking and Exception Management
Send time- or event-based alerts to quickly communicate repair exceptions that may impact vehicle completion dates.

Integrated Communication Options for Easy Information Sharing
Issue automated email notifications to DRP representatives based on alarm triggers or repair status changes; send personalized repair status messages to vehicle owners; and communicate with ease via our web-based comment centre.

Comprehensive Data Coverage
Advanced data-pump technology extracts repair status information from existing body shop management systems to provide data transparency. It then consolidates information from multiple sources into a central location.

Web-Based Technology
Get anytime, anywhere access to vehicle status information. Configure and create customized work lists and use our integrated search capability to easily locate data and records.

Automated Reporting Capabilities
Leverage the powerful reporting capabilities of Audatex Insight, the industry-leading analytics engine.

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