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Compliance Solution
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Powerful Rules-Based Intelligent Estimate Auditing.

With Audatex Audit™, users can review, assess and report variations from predetermined business rules within minutes of submitting estimates. Claims professionals can then focus only on the estimates that need review, based on priority. This significantly reduces the overall time spent reviewing estimates for non-compliance. And since Audatex Audit integrates easily with Audatex Estimating and Audatex Re-inspection, you’ll benefit from a streamlined workflow. Key features and benefits include:

Advanced, Flexible Rules Engine
Customize rules for the entire office, individual staff or repair program partners. Develop rules based on over 300 field criteria and 15,000 parts descriptors for optimized auditing accuracy.

Enhanced Reporting
Use the easy-to-read Estimate Compliance Report for specific recommendations on fixing failures. Customize the results interface with multiple filters and sort criteria.

Full Integration with other Audatex Solutions
Streamline the claims process through integration with the Audatex Estimating and Audatex Workflow Management applications.

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