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Collision Database
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Delivering Comprehensive, Up-to-Date Estimating Data.

The Audatex Collision Estimating Database is the most advanced database serving the automotive claims processing and collision repair industry. It uses smart on-screen graphics to automatically apply the appropriate part prices and labour times. This saves you valuable time, ensuring that repairers, insurers and independent appraisers generate the most accurate estimates possible. Key features include:

Advanced Estimating Logic
Built-in estimating logic and intelligent data coding, along with an inside-out methodology, ensures comprehensive and precise estimates.

Automated Estimating
State-of-the-art database technology. Enter a VIN, select vehicle options, and the database delivers the correct part numbers, pricing and labour times.

Broad Vehicle and Labour Data Coverage
Offers 99.5% coverage of vehicles on the road. This includes 2.4 million part numbers, 24,000 car options, 990,000 graphics, and 8.5 million labour time values. More vehicle models, along with data on existing models, are added on an ongoing basis.

Global Development Expertise
Audatex has a presence in more than 45 countries. This gives you exclusive access to global intelligence, in addition to local vehicle data.

Customer, Manufacturer and Industry Partnerships
Audatex’s strategic industry partnerships and ongoing market research give you access to the latest estimating trends and data.

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