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RepairMatch: creating a better customer experience while generating leads for shops

Most people don’t enjoy getting their car serviced or repaired. It’s one of those things that is about as appealing as going to the dentist or doing taxes (in fact, one survey found that doing taxes was more appealing for many Canadians1).

We call the sensation Repairophobia. The market for simple fixes, recommended maintenance and cosmetic repairs alone is north of a billion dollars2!

RepairMatch’s mission is to use technology and other magic to eliminate the icky feeling associated with car repairs. Similar to a matching service like Hotwire, we have created a marketplace between everyday car owners and mechanics who are looking for more business.

Our current live product tackles many common aspects of Repairophobia:

  • Price: consumers are in charge of the price. When they enter a service request into our system, they pick the price. We offer general guidelines, but ultimately RM is designed to suit the consumer’s budget and get rid of haggling.
  • Trust: Several of our partners are part of exclusive insurance networks and have worked with Audatex for years, completing thousands of successful jobs. Additionally, in order to access the list of service requests, shops must be listed on Google and maintain a high review rating. We are also deploying our own internal rating system for both consumer and shop (much like Uber).
  • Time: the ‘set it and forget’ aspect of the system allows consumers to enter their request and wait for shops to come to them instead of wasting time shopping around for availability and proximity.

On the other side of the coin, shops enjoy RepairMatch because it helps to fill their downtime and/or generate new business leads. Most shops are happy to do work at a reduced price in exchange for this opportunity.


1 2014 Repair Pal/Harris Interactive survey of 2,532 consumers

2 2015 AIA Demand Study via autoserviceworld.com

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