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Frame Dimensions
Faster, More Efficient Repair Process.

Audatex Frame Dimensions gives technicians instant access to a vehicle’s exact frame dimension map. By simply typing in the VIN number, a technician can view multiple angles of the vehicle’s under-hood, under-body and upper-body measurements, as well as print out exact vehicle frame diagrams—all while writing an estimate. This fully automated frame dimensions feature is an add-on module that seamlessly integrates with Audatex Estimating.

  • Instant access to vehicle frame dimension maps by simply keying in VIN or manually selecting a vehicle model
  • Simple print-and-save functionality while in Audatex estimating solutions
  • As many as three different views of a vehicle frame dimension
  • Includes “zoom” feature to enlarge frame map details in a sharp, easy-to-view format
  • Regular estimating data updates for new vehicles ensure complete and easy-to-access data
  • Guaranteed frame data integrity through partnership with strategic, best-practices provider to structural safety inspection stations
  • Seamless integration with Audatex Estimating
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