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Eliminate Bottlenecks and Increase Efficiency in your Repair Shop

The OnPoint solution gives your department the tools needed to increase efficiency and maximize capacity.

MultiPoint Inspection

Provides your technicians with a checklist to standardize the vehicle inspection process. The tool allows your technicians the ability to highlight areas of immediate concern and flag upcoming service recommendations.

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This inter-departmental communication tool allows your staff to instantaneously customize and update repair order statuses. This process removes bottlenecks and communication roadblocks that hinder your shops productivity.

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The Notifier tool is integrated with Connect and prompts your service department to be proactive by delivering real-time alerts to your mobile device. This tool sends alerts for missed inspections, high dollar estimates and bogged down repair orders.

With the OnPoint solution, Expert field consultants make regular onsite visits to develop, implement and evaluate processes and help you maximize your ROI on the AutoPoint platform.

Connect has reduced inefficencies by enabling the entire team to be on the same page.

Tim Sauter

Parts & Services Director, R&H Motor Cars