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Names in the News: Tom White



Before he joined Solera Canada, Tom White worked in various enterprise architecture and business analyst roles, helping large financial firms adopt new technologies and manager their ever-growing deluge of data. Through this process, he discovered the joys of data visualization and its power to glean insights.

Role at Solera

Earlier this year, Tom joined Solera Canada’s Professional Services team with the mission to help our clients navigate the vast amount of information available to them through our products. With dozens of potential software applications, across hundreds of repairs and/or claims a day, the so-called firehose of data is a real concern!

Part of Tom’s expertise is creating dashboards. Far superior to a spreadsheet full of figures, a good dashboard configuration gives you the ability to get to the “so what?” of your data at a glance. They also include the filtering and sorting tools necessary to intuitively manipulate the visuals to get to answers or information without needing to construct complex queries or formulas.

When asked what drew him to Solera, Tom said, “The opportunity to work with actual big data!” He certainly got his wish, as it is not uncommon to find him processing datasets with hundreds of millions, or even billions of records.

As he gets more and more ingratiated with the numbers, we’re hopeful to expand on our data dive series, and publish more data driven stories such as ‘Seasonal trends in replace versus repair decisions’ and ‘Why do supplement costs more than double for non-drives?