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Enservio’s property solutions gain steam in the West


The past year was an incredible one for Enservio in North America. From record setting months* to establishing a strong foundational presence in Canada, the pace only seems to be quickening as we test our capacity and quality thresholds as never before.

Solera Canada has a lot to celebrate. In addition to solidifying the local fee structure, brand identity, and getting off the ground with our first clients in the West,

Contents Valuation service launches ahead of schedule

There are two key ways that Enservio values policyholder’s contents. There’s our Contents Express Self Service Platform, whereby the insurance carrier prices items themselves, using our database and tools. Then there’s the Contents Valuation Service, where Enservio does all the pricing through intake of digital or non-digital information (e.g. handwritten lists, Excel schedules, emails).

This latter service was not expected to be available until 2019, but thanks to the amazing team, high demand, and serious hustle, it is out now!

The arrival of Contents Valuation broadens Enservio’s relevance to those seeking on demand service, such as independent appraisers or boutique insurance carriers, who often rely on third party pricing.

The team and the database grows

In late 2018, Enservio welcomed two experienced ‘Service on Site/Customer Experience Executives’ (SOS/CXE’s). These are boots-on-the-ground professionals that go onsite at any time (including CATs and sparsely resourced or difficult to access areas). They augment insurance carrier staff by working directly with policyholders to reconstruct inventories of lost items.

We expect the SOS team to expand further in 2019, in order to maintain and complement the standards now in place.

Our Canadian database received an upgrade as well. We more than doubled the amount of information available for pricing needs.

Full steam into 2019

All signs point to further momentum. The next steps for Canada, apart from the growth of the SOS team, include a French language version, as well as a true End to End Self-Service Processing Tool, which is already being piloted by some of Enservio’s largest clients.

At Enservio, our clients’ goals drive our goals. We provide a solution to what most see as the most contentious and time consuming aspect of property settlement by employing the industry’s most robust software, people and techniques.


* as measured in lines delivered to clients