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CCIF: First Notice of Loss Assignment (FNOL) Opportunity

Audatex Canada is proud to support this important industry driven initiative.

Preliminary evidence from participating insurers indicates good early results using the standard 18 FNOL items as their first page assignment view to insurers. While a more formal measurement of the new system is underway, participating major insurers are reporting that by streamlining the FNOL to reflect only the data required to facilitate the commencement of repairs they have realized real benefits already:

  • Easier to train new staff on the requirements to generate the appraisal request
  • Fewer calls into the call center as the shops have all the information to start the repairs
  • Less calls from staff and independent appraisers as they have the required information to do their jobs
  • System integrations have been simplified as only 18 items need to be scraped or pointed to the assignment
  • Simplified audit/quality assurance as the forms are now aligned with FNOL requirements
  • Expedited customer service turnaround time as we ask the same questions in the same order

For more information on this opportunity to improve your results visit www.ccif.ca and/or contact Peter Wright.