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GoTime Autosource now available in Canada


We are pleased to announce that GoTime Autosource is now available to Canadians. GTA is a mobile app for Android and Apple devices, designed to speed up the process of vehicle conditioning for insurance staff and independent appraisers.

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Vehicle Replacement Service demonstrates quadruple digit growth in only five years

VRS growth chart

In late 2012, we launched VRS. The purpose is all in the name: for 43R waiver of depreciation replacements, no one outclasses our team. Five years later, and this department’s volume has grown more than tenfold. To be precise: 1,287%

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Names in the news: Stewart Tarrant

Stewart Tarrant joined Enservio (a Solera Company) in early 2018 to lead the organization’s National Contents Appraisal Division. As a claims management and appraisal expert, he is responsible for all aspects of the division including the development and market roll-out of Enservio, talent recruitment, client relationship management, and overall strategic direction.

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An introduction to CASE vehicles

Automobile cockpit, various information monitors and head up dis

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic in practically every sphere of business, and automotive is no exception. If we think about how radically Internet connections transformed the cell phone into the smartphone, there’s no reason to believe that it won’t have the same effect on any given product!

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Auto claims automation: streamlining solutions amid increasing complexity and stakeholder demand

Auto claims automation

The world is speeding up. Over the past 20 years, we’ve moved from clunky desktops and fax machines to slim smartphones and high fidelity video communication. Yet for many automotive insurers, cycle time has remained virtually unchanged.

Tackling this efficiency issue should be on the minds of any insurer’s information technology department. As the world’s collective technology continues to accelerate, stakeholder expectations will place exponentially more pressure on this problem.

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Why do supplement costs more than double for non-drives?


Of course, one expects the overall costs of appraisal to go up for non-driveable repairs. But we noticed that both supplement probability and costs also increased. Some of this must have to do with the nature of non-drives, but estimate accuracy is also a major factor in supplement outcomes.

Thus the question: is double normal? Or is there an opportunity to dig deeper and find ways to avoid these costs? We think so. The following Data Dive is part of an ongoing series of eye-opening facts derived from using the vast database analysis tools available with Audatex Insight.

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Qapter XL for heavy truck estimating – the most efficient way to write Class 4+ sheets


With the industry’s most advanced damage capturing, parts representation, and modern design, QapterXL creates highly accurate estimates for heavy trucks and commercial vehicles from anywhere, on any device.

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Fluttrbox: On-demand property inspections

fluttr-hero We recently acquired Montreal-based Fluttrbox, an emerging provider of on-demand aerial property inspections. The innovative software platform created by Fluttrbox, in conjunction with drone and other aerial technology, delivers granular property detail to insurers, reducing both time and cost in underwriting and claims processes.

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Names in the news: Albert Blais

albert blais

Albert Blais heads up our Technical Support team, which achieved a First Contact Resolution (FCR) of 94% in 2017. In other words, almost all customer support issues were solved on the first call. Considering that many of us loathe having to have multiple conversations with any kind of customer service rep (be it your estimating software or your cell phone), we feel this stat is something to be celebrated!

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Who will fix cars in 2025?


Your mechanic, no?

Well, maybe not.

It’s 2018, and while 2025 may sound like a futuristic number, seven years is not all that far way. Seven years ago, Prince George was born, The Toronto Star broke the Rob Ford fiasco(s), and there was a blackout at the Super Bowl. Those things don’t feel that far in the past—and 2025 will be upon us before you know it.

It’s coming fast, and there’s a huge problem facing the Canadian auto aftermarket, attacking on two fronts: rapidly advancing vehicle technology and a shortage of skilled tradespeople.

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